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July 07, 2022  

A Jade Roller and Gua Sha are smooth natural mineral shaped into delicate curves and cylinder rollers. They come in various minerals from jade stone, rose quartz and obsidian. The choice is truly yours. These two beauty tools have caught and kept our attention. As a form of home luxury self-care on a budget. What’s there not to love?

Some pros of Jade Rolling if you are new to this are as follows:

  • reduces puffiness 
  • helps apply products (serums/oils)
  • soothes the skin 
  • relieves stress and tension 
  • tightens facial muscles 
  • boost collagen
  • stimulates blood flow & circulation 

You can opt to place your jade roller in the refrigerator to cool the stone and enjoy a cooling tightening massage. The best advised rolling technique is to roll upwards and outwards. So, for example on your forehead you would roll upwards away from your brow towards your hairline. However, for your undereye and eyelids you would roll from the inner corners and out towards your ears. 

The Gua Sha is very similar, the only difference is this tool does not come with an handle. You are strictly working with just the stone in hand, using the different sized curves for particular areas of your face.  

  • the large outer curve is used on the surface of your cheeks, in an upward motion from you chin up across your cheeks. 
  • The small outward curve (little bump) is best used for your under eye and eyelids, working in an outward motion from the inner tear duct and out.
  • The large inner curve is used along your jawline, neck and bridge of nose. Again, in an upwards motion across the jaw, this time a downwards motion along the length of your neck and nose
  • Finally, the small inward curve at the bottom of the Gua Sha is used for the lovely curve of your chinny chin chin, in an upwards and outwards motion

It is said that the main difference between these two beautiful skincare tools is that the Gua Sha is great for relieving facial and jaw tension as well as lifting and contouring the skin. Which I find credible simply because of its particular shape and curves. 

Whilst the Jade Roller on the other hand, is more targeted for reducing puffiness, stimulating blood flow and the application of product. 

With that said however, I do not see any reason why you simply cannot use both of them during your skincare pamper day. I would advise starting with the Gua Sha tool for a deep skin workout then follow with a cooling soothing rolling session to end your selfcare ritual.